Be Among Friends® – Don’t Go It Alone

An intimate retreat-like national gathering that calls each of us out of isolation and into a community of sisters. With top-notch speakers and one of the lowest ticket prices among national women’s conferences, Be Among Friends® will offer something women are longing for: A safe and candid community of sisters. Rich bible teaching, soul-stirring stories of God’s work in our lives and comedic relief that never fails to bring women together in laughter . . . and sometimes, in tears.

Be Among Friends® is perfect for women’s groups and an alternative to yearly retreats. In each city, your host, Kathy Troccoli, is joined by her pianist-worship leader Michelle Margiatta formerly of Time Square Church (Manhattan, NY), along with two special guests. Joining Kathy in 2013-2014 are Kelly Minter, Angela Thomas,  Donna VanLiere, Karen Kingsbury, Jennifer Rothchild and more!

Hope’s Alive

Based on Psalm 131:3  “…Put your hope in the Lord both now and forevermore”… Hope’s Alive brings fresh wind in the sails of new and seasoned believers from all walks of life. Accompanied by pianist-worship leader Michelle Margiotta, Kathy Troccoli will sing her heart out—speak candidly and truthfully—offering the scriptures, stories, and some hearty laughs.

Women leave this intimate gathering, reminded of the reasons why we are never without hope—why we need to hold onto hope and why we must give it away. A wonderful weekend celebrating our God—who keeps hope alive!

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Be Among Friends® Cruise

Every year that Kathy has hosted this cruise is another year that she has not only relished the “break” and rest that her cruisers have gotten—but mostly life changing happenings that have transpired during the week. It’s inevitable. We are finally “schedule free” to receive the gift of a personal word or touch from God. Whether it’s from presentations from the platform or conversations on the beach—His overwhelming grace and love revealed in a worship song, or the “healing power” of a good laugh—He comes.

With that in mind, she has built an entire week of these moments into an Among Friends® cruise.

In addition to the amenities and lavishness that cruising provides–this spiritual retreat on the crystal blue Caribbean waters helps us grow closer to God together. His presence in these moments transforms us. Not just aboard the ship, but for the rest our lives.

Kathy would love your next “look forward to vacation” to be sailing with her and her wonderfully talented guests

Come join her—and Be Among Friends®.